U.S.-China Cleantech Center Selects LightFuel for CleanTech Business Delegation to China

U.S.-China Cleantech Center Selects LightFuel for CleanTech Business Delegation to China

CONCORD, Mass., Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — LightFuel announced today their selection by the U.S.-China Cleantech Center (UCCTC) to join the Cleantech Business Delegation to China this November. One of only 17 cleantech companies selected, LightFuel is just one of two in renewable hydrogen. The delegation will visit cleantech projects in several cities in China, make presentations at five regional New Energy and New Materials Business and Investment Conferences, and will meet with hundreds of Chinese companies and investors.

UCCTC is a joint-partnership program between the Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation (a 501c3 non-profit) and the U.S. Department of Commerce – International Trade Administration dedicated to accelerating trade and investment in U.S. clean energy and environmental protection technologies and best practices to China. Founded by Executive Director Dr. Feng An in 2012, UCCTC has brought together important leaders from top companies and the sustainability field to network, conduct business, promote (and seek out) new clean technologies, with an eye to shaping the future.

LightFuel’s solar-assisted LFG-80LH electrolyzer panel pairs their patented bandgap-engineered photoelectrode with an alkaline electrolyzer. In sunlight, this hybrid design produces hydrogen with 1/3 the electricity consumed by alkaline electrolysis. So, zero-carbon LightFuel Hydrogen is achieved with 1/3 the renewable electricity; with grid electricity, carbon is reduced to 1/3. Because electricity is the main cost of electrolytic hydrogen, LightFuel hydrogen costs less to produce. Further, LightFuel’s solar gain persists after sunset, approaching alkaline electrolysis efficiency typically just before sunrise. LightFuel’s LFG-80LH panels connect to scale incrementally, and are easily deployed for distributed onsite production. Electrical energy storage, as well as mobility decarbonization, will benefit from LightFuel hydrogen’s high electrical production efficiency, lower cost, and low-to-no carbon footprint.

LightFuel’s CEO John Guerra noted, “China was an early proponent of renewable hydrogen as a tool to reduce global warming, climate change, and air pollution. Just one example: in 2017, China announced that all transportation for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be hydrogen-powered. This delegation is a great opportunity for LightFuel to engage hundreds of like-minded strategic partners, manufacturers, investors, and customers to discuss the mutual and global-scale potential of moving forward together. My thanks to Ms. Rainning Bao, UCCTC China Business Development Director, for her exceptional organization of this trip.”

LightFuel has been developing technology to produce hydrogen from sunlight and water since 2002 with an international team of scientists, and has been funded by N.A.S.A., The U.S. Dept, of Energy, The Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust Fund, and private investors that include The Quercus Trust. LightFuel is the DBA name for Nanoptek (www.nanoptek.com), a privately-held Delaware C corporation in Concord MA. LightFuel® is a U.S. Registered Trademark of Nanoptek.

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